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Kimono Drag Queens- Songs Of Worship (2020 Copper Feast Records)

So I am a freak, right? A weirdo. And this is my shrine, my Weirdo Shrine. And of course we need some songs of worship; so presto changeo: Songs Of Worship by Kimono Drag Queens is here to provide that soundtrack!

But first: play this:

Ok, now that you’re warm and cozy: what’s the fuzz about here? I am reading David Mitchell’s new novel Utopia Avenue, and this is an excellent soundtrack to it. The book is brand new, it just came out this year, but it’s subjectmatter is as retro as it gets. It’s about a newly formed psychedelic rock band in early sixties London. They hang out with the likes of Sydd Barret, David Bowie, and many more while there is always some spot-on tune lurking in the background. The thing is: it is non-apologetically new, but it takes elements from the psychedelic sixties and transforms it into something similar yet quite different. Just like Kimono Drag Queens.

Here is an Australian band that will appeal to the Khruangbin crowd, as well as to fellow countrymen like Tame Impala or King Gizzard (but their more mellow side). They cut their psychedelics with pretty poppy hooks, sometimes even going a little overboard on the sweet and sugary to my taste. Songs Of Worship is strongest when it explores repetition, taking on an extremely comfortable floaty, atmospheric, fleeting sound. Kudos to their producer too, because soundwise this is a treat.

Wild Animals has a strong Band Of Skulls vibe which I dig, while Evil Desires shears past my allergy zone with its merry Afro-beats and guitar lines, but it saves itself as it gets a tad heavier along the way with some rhythmic fireworks at the end. Willys World starts of a little problematic with its obligatory guitar/sitar sounds, but develops as the album’s strongest song with a perfect built-up and a powerful head-bobbing riff that will worm itself inside your head for a while afterwards.

Like Utopia Avenue, Songs Of Worship won’t necessarily bring new content to the table, but it does provide a modern angle to psychedelics that sheds some new light to it. Besides that, it is a very pleasant listen that will go down easily like some THC-infused candy. Sometimes too sweet to my taste, yet addictive all the same.

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