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Narla- Till The Weather Changes (2020 Copper Feast Records)

Ah earth! Beautiful chunk of rock and water in our galaxy. But wait! Let’s focus a bit more closely: what do we hear from that large morsel of land over there? The tunes are clearly coming from Australia, Sydney to be precise. Hovering above this vast Ozzie metropolis we spot a dark, smokey building and hurry inside. But we have not reached the stage yet. We need to descend the stairs. The air is getting hazy now from all the green smoke emanating from the depths below. We revolve towards an abyss down a seemingly endless stairwell while the sound of three clearly talented lads starts getting louder and louder…

The smell of sweat intermingles with the smoke as we finally reach the ground floor of the building where our band is playing circled by a crowd that is not so much an audience as a cult following. Ecstatic bodies shoot in and out the colored smoke as the band wriggles and writhes and bellows their sermons into the room. We have arrived in the church of Narla where they perform their dark psychblues rituals…

Playing live can be a religious experience, and Narla knows this better than most. Their album Till The Weather Changes was recorded live to captivate the magic of a band that jams. Repetition is the game, and Narla plays its bluesy indie jamrock with all the inner fire they can muster. The recording sounds rough, but it wasn’t meant to be perfect, it was meant to capture a moment, a bound energy of three synched musicians, and it does that really well. A band like the amazing Comets On Fire comes to mind, although Narla also has its subtler moments where they quietly noodle in beauty. Till The Weather Changes feels like a dark photograph that was slightly moved; it captures a spirit that would probably have flown out had they tried to confine it in a full studio setting.

Till The Weather Changes is an honest record. What you see is what you get; three guys playing like they have never done anything else in their lives. In a world full of autotune and multi-layered studio recordings they are a breath of fresh air. We take that breath, and zoom out onto planet earth. The planet is big and vast, but three tiny little humans in a basement in Sydney have just created something worthwhile. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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