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Earthball- Fruiting Bodies (2021 Misophonia Records)

FALSE POS cover.jpg

I can appreciate art that makes me feel uncomfortable. And while I do think Fruiting Bodies has some absolutely breathtaking moments, I cannot deny that those eight minutes of harsh feedback noise of which opener You, Me, and I consist gives me the creeps and makes me reach for the skip button every time. They must know this though, I suspect it to be the reason they only released this album on Cassette. They need you to man up and endure.

Luckily there is a lot more to enjoy on this little gem, that will so far only see this Cassette release by British record label Misophonia Records. It’s a medium I would personally be reluctant to buy, but I see the real collector people slowly catching on so all the power to it. And like the LP, it has a slower, more intense quality to it. When you hit play you made a decision to be alone with this album for a while, and you choose the whole ride.

The whole ride with Earthball is quite a trip down dark experimental alleyways of noise, dark jazzy intermezzi, psychedelic freakout outbursts, and angsty androgynous vocals. It is not necessarily a good trip all the time, as the noise and experimentalism some times gets so dark and twisted you sure need a good stomach to keep yourself together. “Are you inside my eyelids? //I could wear your shoes…” I am sure the noise rock community and fans of bands like Swans, Daughters, and Girl Band will love this strange kick in the head.

What ultimately kept me on board for the whole ride was the adventure and the boldness Earthball displays. It takes a brave band to come up with something unheard of, and I want to discover sounds that I haven’t heard before. Earthball serves those sounds on a plate of mixed emotions and a glass of sissy tears on the side. I am glad I met them, but now I require like a nice quiet walk in the forest to process. Don’t say you weren’t warned…

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