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Los Mundos- La Fortaleza Del Sonido (2021 L.S.D.R)

Music can have many purposes. There are musicians that offer consolation, raw energy, or pure unadulterated escapism. Los Mundos definitely fit that last category, as their latest output La Fortaleza Del Sonido is a portal into a freaky other dimension…

It’s a dimension in which the people speak Spanish and the music is dense, psychedelic, and a bit spooky. La Fortaleza Del Sonido is a brilliantly charming record in a crude, vintage kind of way. It is the work of some heavy duty psych veterans, as Los Mundos have been at it for some ten years now, and this is their seventh(!) release so far. They have mastered the art of creating a completely enveloping atmosphere in which they capture their listeners, who are then their slaves and are obliged to press the repeat button again and again and again until oblivion.

Seriously though, this is some addictive and mesmerizing stuff. The dreamy doubled vocals are recorded in such a way that they feel like they sprout directly from your spinal chord into your earholes. I don’t want to be stereotyping here, but it just cannot be a coincidence that this band is from Mexico, home of Peyote and ancient psychedelic mushrooms already used by their ancestors the Aztecs, Zapotecs, and Mayas.

I don’t understand a single word they are singing, and yet Los Mundos speak directly to me with this super psychedelic creation of theirs. In a time like this where travel is not an option it provides a perfect alternative. Travel through your mind with these Mexican shamans, this trip is highly recommended. My compliments to their label L.S.D.R. as well, because after the incredible Rostro Del Sol, this is another fine psych rock release. Let’s hope there is more where those came from!

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