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Mainliner- Dual Myths (2021 Riot Season Records)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: Mainliner: three Japanese psych wizards with an urgency to freaking destroy eardrums around the globe. Seriously though, this band should come with a huge disclaimer because wherever they turn up tinnitus will spread and crystal goblets will shatter. They are loud, but not just for loudness sake. They are loud because their dark psychedelic wizardry compels them to be loud. Try to envision them, standing on a mountain top, conjuring up a hurricane, their long hair pulling in the wind like black banners. I can’t even imagine the size of balls their producer had for thinking he could capture this force of nature on tape, but he did it, and the result is awesome. And a little frightening as well.

One hour and 19 minutes of feedback hurling psychedelic madness is what you get when you decide to put your fate in the hands of Mainliner. Sometimes they mischievously lure you in with some beautiful noodlings (opener Blasphemy Hunter), at other times they are more upfront in their true intentions. Hibernator’s Dream for instance doesn’t even start out properly until you have submitted yourself to over five minutes of raucous noise and demented wailing. Rest assured though, the song is eighteen minutes long, slowly building up to a repetitive wall of hypnotic riffage. And that’s only the first half of the record!

Listening more frequently, I find myself not really up to climbing the whole mountain all of the time. I guess I can only take so much psychedelic freakout all at once. So I resorted to micro-dosing. Now when I want to get my freak on I spin one track at the time, and then put on some Phill Collins or Enya. Just to make sure I don’t end up in the same psychotropic maelstrom these three Japanese wizards ended up in. I mean, I’d love to, but I have other things to do as well…

In the end a feeling of awe remains. To stay in the mountain analogy; Mainliner’s Dual Myths feels like an Everest journey to me. I wouldn’t go all the way, but I love to stare at it in fascination. Mainliner, I tip my hat to thee.

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