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Trieste- The Black Squall (2021 self-released)

I am in my room at my table. My glass of Laphroaig is steadily growing emptier on my left hand, while I use my right hand to press play. The Black Squall by Dallas, Texas instrumental duo Trieste comes on, and immediately my thoughts drift away…

Dying Star Blues immediately brings forward a Cormac McCarthy style wasteland, where dark clouds shift overhead, and bloodthirsty Indians vengefully look for your scalp. It has a Western twang, but it’s twisted and noisy as well. Somewhere in the distance Apache by the Shadows plays, but it’s quickly drowned in feedback, smoke, and misery.

Haunted Heart finds us under somewhat clearer skies, the music faring more traditional bluesy territories. On this mini album it feels a bit as a calm before the storm. The wind definitely draws energy on Old Shock, and all the old buildings in the village are being barricaded in anticipation while the bell in old water tower softly clangs in the draught.

Shake the Devil gets the party started though, with organs channeling Gallon Drunk freakiness, and surfy drum rhythms gallop through your brain. The threat of the storm seems already forgotten, but in the back of my mind, something knows that it’s all far from over. Dead in the Water makes me jump on my horse and follow the river down stream. It’s typical Western lore now, with meandering reverb-y guitars and slowly building drums.

Adrift brings back the dark clouds. My glass of Whisky is empty now, and the music seems a bit drunk too. It echoes in the distance. We missed the storm by a mile, and now look at the lightning flashes from a safe place. The Black Squall has been quite an interesting ride. Definitely Whisky drinking music, and to invent your own dark Western movies to with your eyes closed.

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