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La Morte Vienne Dallo Spazio- Trivial Visions (2021 Svart Records)

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio: death comes from space. If you are -unlike me- not a complete moron when it comes to Italian you might have unravelled that mysterious band name by yourself already. To know it is to hear it too; because it is exactly what these Italian Startrek loving void cruisers sound like.

The music is dark, there are clear traces of (black?) metal, through guitars and drums. Keyboards and synths are dominant though, and the main feeling through out Trivial Visions is that of being hurled into a black hole eighties style; in sloppy 2-D, with 8-bit special effects. Which is wonderful of course, and weird. Wonderfully weird. A band like Giobia (who they share members with) sounded this spacey before, but without the metallic touch, and considering bands like Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising are also on their roster, it is not surprising Svart Records signed them.

I like how a lot of these jams are instrumental, how the band invites you to fill in the blanks and create your own creepy sci-fi movie in your mind. Sometimes theremin/synth/keyboard muse Melissa Crema does lend her voice for some reverb-drenched postpunk singing, like a drugged and distorted Siouxie Sioux, but most of the time it’s just you and the band for the ride.

A wonderful ride it is too, its 41 minutes are so extremely vivid and adventurous they feel like a ride in an amusement park to me, and over before you know it. In all its goth sci-fi horror schtick it sometimes threatens to be a bit cheesy and over the top too, but when the whole trip is so freaking exhilarating, there is no way that’s stopping anyone from falling head over leather clad heels in love with it. It’s space man, it’s death from space, it’s La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio; one of the most exciting and thrilling space rides you’ll experience this year.

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