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La Era De Acuario- S/T (2021 Necio Records)

Exotic times at the Weirdo headquarters where I got a pleasant surprise from Peru last week, when Necio Records contacted me to write about this new band from Mexico: La Era De Acuario and their latest self-titled LP. I had one listen and got pulled in immediately; this is exactly the kind of acid-laced femme friendly 60s-tinged space rock I was looking for.

Stylistically they pay hommage to bands like Jefferson Airplane (they did a stellar cover version, check out the video below) and Shocking Blue, but they add some stoner heaviness, a bunch of floaty-thingy Indian vibes, and very addictive Spanish vocals. A song like Agujero Negro brings some Spanish influences as well with catchy castanets, while all though the album Doors-y organs vibe a perfect hippie atmosphere. It adds enough acid to distance itself from the mainstream, while staying catchy enough to have yourself some springtime psychedelic tea and hum along.

The album is actually not entirely new. It consists of a previous released EP called Lunar from 2019, with four added tracks. The total spinning time is a little over thirty minutes, which is short and sweet, and begging for much record flipping. It’s limited to 300 pieces, which I predict are all going to be sold out by the time this article is published. Make sure you start harassing Necio Records for a second pressing though, because it’ll be worth your while.

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