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Angad Berar- Elephants On The Beach (2021 vinyl release, Echodelick Records)

There have been some cruel early mornings now, when I could not sleep because my back was killing me and urging me to get up, when this little nugget by Indian solo artist Angad Berar has really been there for me. I would get on my coat, get my two dogs, and just stroll in the earliness of dawn with Elephants On the Beach on my headphones. And you know, everything is a little bit more alright when listening to this record.

It’s a record about tripping, about watching movies, listening to your surroundings, and about being open about life experiences and learning. Without any lyrics at all, but through soundbites and just general positive vibrations in his music Angad Berar tells his listeners to just go with the flow, let the music take you where it wants you to go, and take it easy. I have had experiences like this listening to albums like Tommy Guerrero‘s Road To Nowhere, but not all that many. And let’s face it; for instrumental minimal music to really hit you like that, it’s quite special.

It’s a good thing then that US based Echodelick Records have picked up this album and properly release it on vinyl. It was originally released in 2019 already to little acclaim and would have definitely flown under my radar if it wasn’t for them. So go on, open up your third eye, take this trip with elephants on that beautiful Goa beach. You’ll find things you would not expect from an instrumental album.

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