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Dez Dare- Hairline Ego Trip (2021, CH!MP Records)

Oh man, the end of the 80s, the start of the 90s…what a great time to be a kid. Watching Super Channel on Saturday mornings with cartoons like Mask, He-Man, and Dinoriders. All the while munching colorful cereal, and afterwards playing outside, skateboarding, climbing trees, riding your BMX…and musicwise? Listening to casette tapes with bands like DEVO, Iggy Pop, Velvet Underground, The Cramps, the B52s…truly cool days, people.

Listening to Hairline Ego Trip by UK artist Dez Dare I’m instantly warped back to those days. Musically, visually, everything reminds me of being a snotty but comfortable alternative kid in those times. These tracks go from high sugar energetic bouncing balls like Dumb Dumb Dumb to more stretched out psychedelic garage wheezers like Tractor Beam, Shitstorm, and everything in between. Take all the before mentioned artists and maybe add Black Sabbath, and Black Flag, and you have a pretty solid idea what to expect.

It’s music made for summer and skateboarding, and it naturally makes me extremely happy to have been alive at that era, and still alive today. I know Dez Dare feels this too, he was a rocker in the 90s in Australia. Even though there might be hairlines to worry about these days, it’s still a hell of a trip to go on. So I’d like to thank Dez for this trip down memory lane, and if you are reading this your youth was anything similar to mine, you’d look up this record and thank him too.

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