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HAQ123- …More (2021 self-released)

More HAQ123 means more creepy kids vocals over demented synthesizers. More deep fried crunchy basslines dooming away over noise rock landscapes. More galloping drums and otherworldly songwriting, more yelling and more awkwardness.

More sick and twisted lyrics too, even sicker when you you stop and think they were written by a not-yet teenage girl. Which of course is a context that deeply improves the whole listening experience of this fifth full-length by these Birminghamites: they are young kids yelling and battering, turning noise rock and metal upside down supported by a huge kid-like adult on bass.

Like the artwork of this album it’s a fascinating, ugly, ridiculous, but pretty entertaining ride through some Butthole Surfers meets Sesame Street in a toy store hellish nightmare world. Having listened to their earlier works and spoken to them before, I can positively say they are rapidly improving their nuclear racket without losing any of their infectious spontaneity. It becomes increasingly interesting to watch where exactly these kids are going, because one of these days it might be out of Birmingham and way beyond.

Into space and beyond perhaps? Who can tell?

Millie, Zac, and Dave

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