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Kaouenn- Mirages (2021 Atypeek Music/Beautiful Losers/BloodySound Fucktory/Ph37 Soundlab)

I wish I could say I was a strong minded individual who could not be bribed by delicious vinyl to do write ups. I am really not though. Besides, when you give me vinyl and also make incredibly cool experimental trip music like Kaouenn did I would love to shout your name from the rooftops, it’s why the Weirdo Shrine was raised god damn it!!!

So about this LP. With Mirages this French single person entity Kaouenn has seriously stepped on something powerful while experimenting with ancient Eastern tribal rhythms, a beatbox and his guitars. Musically the album meanders from subtle Pink Floyd-y reverbisms to heavy danceable blues beats reminiscent of My Baby. Jazz definitely plays a role here too, with horns (or horn-like synths?) and smooth technical noodlings. Everything is balanced out with perfectly skillful musicianship and executed with a unique and mind-blowing flair and style. And it seems a good record to smoke herb too, but that’s purely an assumption on my part of course.

Mirages is an album you can easily visualize played out live at a beach in Southern Italy; people gather around this masked multi instrumentalist, toke up, dance a little dance, float up in space, and just experience some really good vibes. The reverb naturally meshes up with the soft rumbling of the waves, and at the grand finale the artist disappears with flash and a bang…was it all a mirage?

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