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Lammping- Flashjacks review + Q&A (2021 Echodelick Records)

Toronto must be the chillest place in the world. I have no idea, I have never roamed its streets, but if a town can produce a band like Lammping it must be so. Right from the first radiations of opener Intercessor it is clear we are dealing with something special here. Om-like basslines interwoven with weird funky samples, otherworldly keyboards and turning into brilliant Stereolab-like French psychedelics near the end.

But back to Toronto. I can picture the guys in Lammping cruising the streets, good moods all around, picking up influences from all kinds of different cultures, chatting to the locals and buying some veggies, and generally just expanding their minds. Back home they pour all those insights into super chilled tracks which have this really awesome coating of all kinds of experiences, but are mainly their own and nobody else’s.

Their 2020 Nasoni Records debut album Bad Boys Of Comedy already hinted at what these guys were capable of, but on this self-titled sophomore attempt Lammping have truly found their own sound. It’s not psychedelic rock anymore, nor is it stoner or ambient, it is all those things and plenty more. From the strange album cover to the down to earth lyrics and the clear production value: this is Lammping, and it’s one of the freshest, joyous things I have heard in a long while.

So I talked to drummer Jay Anderson, and this how it went down:

Hi guys, how have you been these past two years of ominous dread? 

Doing our best. Making lots of music. Trying to stay safe.

Can you tell us who you are, where you come from, and what you love most in the world?
Mikhail Galkin, Jay Anderson, Matt Aldred and Scott Hanningan are  who we are. and we love love.

Can you explain “Lammping” and “Flashjacks”? I have pictures in my head, but I’m sure they don’t come close to the truth!

We wanted to have a name that sounded slick that didn’t evoke classic stoner/doom imagery. “Flashjack” was a classic Toronto head shop located on the longest street on earth. If you know, you know.

These are our absolute heroes in life and music:
Way too many to mention but I’d say one common thread is that they are all original and all make a difference.

If your lives depended on it, which record would you be able to agree on as a band as the holy grail in music?
A Led Zeppelin album produced by Large Professor. Still waiting on that.

How did you determine your sound as a band? Was it a conscious decision or a natural one? And how does decision making go in general for Lammping?
If it’s us making music as a unit, then it’s Lammping. We like to borrow from a lot of influences but it usually comes out sounding like Lammping, so that’s the formula that works I guess. Melody, head nodding and vivid sounds are our versions of salt, oil and heat. 

What message would you like to convey as a band?
Have a good time all the time.

What are your immediate- and future goals? What would be the ultimate achievement?
Make music that people want to listen to and enjoy. That’s the ultimate goal and achievement 

What should the Weirdo Shrine readers do immediately after reading this? 
Drink water. Thanks a lot for your time!

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