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Ouzo Bazooka- Dalya (2021 Stolen Body Records)

At one point in my life I want to learn how to dance. You know, not the nervous wriggling that I do now when I hear a funky beat, but really proper dancing, with real moves and such. Just so that when I go to a show of a band like Ouzo Bazooka I could actually move my limbs in a way that makes sense and that flows with this kind of music.

What music you say? Well, Ouzo Bazooka plays this really eclectic mixture of traditional Eastern music, 70s disco, and psychedelic rock. It’s the kind of music Khruangbin might have played if they were enjoying life just a little more. Ouzo Bazooka vibrate positivity in a way that would turn any place in a steaming mass of moving bodies, from dank squatter parties to Bar Mitzvahs (they are from Tel Aviv, Israel) to big ass festivals. It’s a living vibe that is so wanted and necessary at the moment, and has been absent from our lives for so long that I cannot recommend it enough. In fact if ever you feel drab or lifeless, I would highly encourage you to take a daily dose of Dalya to lighten up your day.

With 34 minutes on the clock the album is over before you know it, and it’s a cliche but that doesn’t make it less true; it is pretty much the only thing really wrong with Dalya. Unless you are a real grinch or bat person, you will enjoy the hell our of this latest outing by Ouzo Bazooka. So doctor’s orders: inject a daily dosis of Dalya to you ears from now on!

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