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Telephone Exchange- Télegrafos de México (2021 Up In Her Room Records)

Telephone Exchange from Mexico are definitely one of the weirder ducks in our proverbial pond. I reckoned I had them pinned down quite well when they released their first sign of life a while ago (previewed exclusively on this blog), but a quick listen through Telegrafos de Mexico proves I had absolutely no idea. The album starts out with “Plagiarism as an Art form” (I loosely translated the Russian letters in the title) and presents us with a bucketload of feedback and a hypnotic but catchy garage pop chant.

Hypnotism and repetition is definitely on the menu in Mexico at this particular time because tracks like Que Irresponsable and ཧཙལར ཕརམའ (hatsalara pharama’a) are both that, while at the same time being nothing alike. At once being noisy and loud, and then suddenly lovely and cartoonish, to being dark and shamanistic, there is just no way to possibly know what will be next, which is a treat of course, and a quality to applaud.

If I had to be forced to provide the reader with a contemporary reference or a peer band it would probably lead somewhere deep into King Gizzard land, be it way noisier (Butthole Surfers-noisy even) and perhaps a tad naive in a cool outlandish way. Their style can be traced back to no wave at times, also in its stubborn quirkiness, with all kinds of detours through other genres. The overall atmosphere is one of psychedelic anxiety though, a violet colored acid trip gone way down into the rabbit hole and perhaps never back out again…

I must say I am really happy to be able to be in contact with the outskirts of the weirdo psych spectrum and pick up on a band like Telephone Exchange. It takes a pretty “different” type of waterhead to take the listener on trips just a tad further around the corner like this. I love that their transmission reached all the way out of Mexico into my room, and I would encourage everybody that feels in any way part of this Weirdo Shrine of mine to pick up this crazy telephone conversation and enjoy the trip!

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