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Short but sweet review Megapost: Weedpecker, Eldovar, Kosmodome, Octopus Ride, Orsak Oslo, Daily Thompson, Electric Moon and Talea Jacta, Vespero, Lubianka, Temple Fang

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This year has been insane on so many levels it’s not even funny anymore. One of the few lights in the darkness however has been the steady flow of good music coming at us from all those musicians trapped in lockdown with little better to do than jam and record new tunes. It’s been such a tsunami of cool releases that being just a loner doing a blog, while also trying to be in a band, holding on to a job and being a husband and father it became absolutely impossible to write about everything I liked that was thrown at me through my blog inbox, or that even about those artists I actively looked up and intended to write about. So here’s an article trying to make up for that lack of time and giving these artists some credit where it is due. Don’t forget them in your yearlists!

Weedpecker- IV: The Stream Of Forgotten Thought (2021, Stickman Records)

The new Weedpecker album is one of the most highly anticipated pieces of music to come out this year in the Weirdo Shrine headquarters. I have to say though; album opener No Heartbeat Collective caught me off guard! It starts of thundering out of my speakers reminding more off Mastodon than Pink Floyd. Fortunately for the love of all that’s proggy, spacey, and mellow the rest of the album leans much more in that direction. A huge role is laid out for mellotron melodies and romantic reverb drenched guitars. It is an album to get lost in and I am in no way done with it yet nor is it with me.

Get it at

Eldovar- A Story Of Darkness & Light (2021 Robotor Records)

Elder (USA/Germany) and Kadavar (Germany) meeting each other, jamming, and recording a bunch of songs together, do you need any more information? Of course not, you go and buy that shit, it’s awesome by default. With a sound that dives deep into both bands’ softer, proggier side there is space to explore for Pink Floyd fans to Elder’s The Gold & Silver Sessions and Kadavar’s own Isolation Tapes.

Get it at:

Kosmodome- Kosmodome (2021, Karisma Records)

Kosmodome from Norway brings some more of that scrumptious Norwegian vintage prog rock to the table for fans of Spidergawd and Motorpsycho. The music is very guitar oriented, catchy, yet intricate enough to keep the alternative music listener tied to the edge of their seat. Before you’ll know it you are humming these riffs while driving your car through wavy green forests…

Get it at:

Octopus Ride- II (2021, Sound Effect Records)

Octopus Ride from Sweden released their second record in November. Their sound distinguishes itself from many other bands by being hypnotic and repetitive in a krautrock way on the one hand, and dark and danceable in a post punk way on the other. This is trip music for non-hippies. After the brilliant Den Der Hale, this is the second impressive release by Greek label Sound Effect Records. Better take notice!

Get it at:

Orsak:Oslo- Skimmer/Vermod (2021, Kapitan Platte records)

Orsak:Oslo is a Norwegian/Swedish combo playing some amazing dark instrumental psychedelic post rock. On this new album they have combined two of their latest EPs Skimmer and Vemod. Skimmer shows the more jamm-y improv side of the band, while Vemod was recorded during the lockdown with the members living in different countries. The result is surprising and reassuring: no matter the crisis, good music and creativity will prevail.

Get it at:

Daily Thompson- God Of Spinoza (2021, Noisolution Records)

Heads up people, because my buddies in Daily Thompson have a new record out! The Dortmund three piece have been crafting their stoner-y grunge for a while now, and on God Of Spinoza they sound better than ever before. With a sound that is firmly rooted in 90s guitar driven flanel shirted heavy rock, the band dares to expand their horizon and wander into space territories as well as more melodic waters (Cantaloupe Melon for instance has a really cool oldschool Smashing Pumpkins vibe). Though I do feel bassist Mercedes should sing more parts (her voice always completely opens up the songs to different moods), God Of Spinoza shows a Daily Thompson that feels very comfortable in their own skin and knows exactly what they want. Check out this hard working band live if you can, because they always deliver.

Get it at:

Electric Moon meets Talea Jacta-Sabotar (2021, Sulatron Records)

Somewhere in 2019 Electric Moon found themselves joined on stage by Portugese improvisational space duo Talea Jacta (with 10.000 Russos member) at the Sabotage Club in Lisbon. The result is a very cool and varied jam session ranging from atmospheric dark soundscapes to heavy kraut rock fire. It is Electric Moon and then some.

Get it at:

Vespero-Songo (2021, Tonzonen Records)

Vespero from Russia have returned to Tonzonen Records with their -if I’m correct- fourth full length album of meditative dream music. Songo is so tranquil and serene it borders new age music, and its folk-inspired chants wouldn’t have been out of place on the Vikings soundtrack. The heavy use of oscillation, reverb and electric guitars does bring it back to the realm of space and krautrock though, as if the band travels through ancient history in a futuristic time machine. A unique and recommendable experience!

Get it at:

Lubianka- Radio India (2021, Tonzonen Records)

Enigmatic psychedelic rockers Lubianka from Barcelona present themselves as a cinematic orchestra on Radio India, with each track representing different landscapes and emotions, in which the repetitive delay-driven guitar parts are backed by female chanting or spoken word. At times there are magnanimous eruptions of saxophone lead free jazzism, or stretched out hazy keyboard parts. It is mood music. And it is a record I haven’t fully wrapped my head around yet, which takes time, space, and the right vibes. Just like most good things in life I guess.

Get it at:

Temple Fang- Fang Temple (2021, Right On Mountain records)

Amsterdam psychedelic jam rockers Temple Fang live and breathe DIY. This record and the previous one (Live At Merleyn) are self-produced live recordings of the band jamming and give a perfect slice of the band’s reality at this time. They have the stubborness and experience to prefer playing live and letting the songs develop as they appear. I have a deep respect for this approach to letting your music happen to you, especially when it turns out so goddamn well. If they would have told me Fang Temple was recorded during an orchestrated studio session I would have believed it as well! It is fitting in these uncertain times that they release it too, because they would have rather just played live. In stead we now have this album on wax, which once again is a ray of light in the overwhelming darkness. I guess we should just hold on to that, and the thought that at this moment they are actually working on a proper studio album as well…!

Get it at:

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