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New Song: No Man’s Valley- Strange Fruit (cover)

“The past couple of years have been weird, exhausting, and downright tricky for most of us, but being in a band was nearly made impossible. As always though, creativity finds a way, and me and my bandmates found ways to keep in touch, keep writing, and keep focussing on ways to make new things. One of those things was to build our own studio inside our practice space, and try out recording and mixing. We already recorded a couple of rough demos for our new album that way, but with Strange Fruit we found a song that appealed to us so much we wanted to polish it and release it into the open. We found Pieter Kloos willing to participate in the mixing and the mastering, and the result is something we are proud of and excited about doing more songs in this way on our road to complete the new record.”

Strange Fruit
 is a protest song against American racism in 1937, written by Abel Meeropol and performed by (among many others later) Billie Holiday. It is a subject that is still very current today unfortunately. With much respect for the original No Man’s Valley have created a new version to once again make the listeners known to this important piece of music history. Strange Fruit is the first song of the highly anticipated third studio album, which will once again be released by German boutique psychedelic music label Tonzonen Records

The song will be released digitally only on most streaming platforms. Due to legal matters streaming services will not be available in the USA and Canada. It will be available as a free download on Bandcamp for all regions. 

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