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Cloakroom- Dissolution Wave (2022 Relapse Records)

There is a powerful musical movement on the rise, with new bands combining heavy doomy guitars and dreamy shoegazey melodies and vocals into something sometimes dubbed doompop or heavy shoegaze. Bands like Pelagic Records’ SOM, Willowtip’s Seven Nines And Tens, and now Relapse’s Cloakroom are all weird ducks in their particular pond, treading more melodic and less aggressive waters than most of their label mates. And yet still being heavier in their dark atmosphere than most.

Dissolution Wave for example sounds like being drugged under water, and watching the lights in the sky slowly fading in a subdued haze. It is beautiful, deadly, and melancholic at the same time. On their new album Cloakroom has two faces; they are either The Smiths on horse tranquilizers (take Dottie Black Thrush), or they are a very stoned Jesu. Needless to say I dig both faces quite a lot, being into all of these bands and able to stomach the mood swings.

It’s also perfect music for current times. Subdued, lurking, chilled, drugged, a constant threat always on the surface, yet never really manifesting itself that clearly. It is a soundtrack to listen to on your headphones while you bury yourself underneath a mountain of blankets waiting for better days.


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