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Einseinseins – Zwei (2022 Tonzonen Records)

The robots are among us! With their highly developed AI they have wormed their way into the mainframe of human conscious and are now taking over music to reprogram us through catchy electronic tunes, 80s wave, and pure and uncut krautrock that will make you shake your limbs robot style. Oh, and they sing in German of course, but that’s selbstverst√§ndlich, not?

EinsEinsEins -it’s a lovely bandname, isn’t it- from Germany have definitely embraced their inner robot and are engaging their music through a machine-built 80s mainframe, recalling Kraftwerk, Genesis, and 80s wave bands like DEVO. Total nerd music of course, but absolutely loveable and well executed. I can totally see this rocking some smoking hot chemistry students party on a Saturday night.

The songs are long, but memorable, and varied enough to hold their own separately. EinsEinseins wrote them as such, with a different approach each time, and even though they are total robots, Zwei does not sound repetitive or soulless. Especially for people that grew up listening to a lot of 80s music on the radio their will be plenty of Easter eggs to discover within.

Don’t believe me though, I have been 100% reprogrammed to write favorable things about these German machines. The music did that to me. I don’t mind it either, and neither will you. In fact, by the time you read this while playing their tunes on the bandcamp player, it is already too late!

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