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Buñuel – Killers Like Us (2022 Profound Lore, La Tempesta International)

This is a record featuring Eugene Robinson on vocals in a project named after Luis Buñuel, the famous absurdist film maker and artist. It is a combination that will guarantee large quantities of joy in left field music lovers allover the world. Robinson of course has earned his stripes with his experimental noise rock band Oxbow, but basically any project he lends his voice to (Xiu Xiu, Zu, Old Man Gloom…) instantly becomes more exciting at the very least. His style is that of the extreme spoken word artist; howling, hissing, screeching, wailing, anything to get his message across. A message that is often pretty dark and disturbing. The fact that the gun on the album cover is Robinson’s is not coincidental.

With Buñuel Robinson has teamed up with a bunch of Italian noise mongers that fit his personal style of dark expressionist experimentalism exceptionally well. Xabier Irlondo (guitars), Andrea Lombardini (bass), and Francesco Valente (drums) have all released work with several (obscure) projects and it is clear that they are equipped to serve the right “feel” for Robinson’s vocal histrionics. On Crack Shot even Robinson’s wife Kasia Robinson makes an appearance, providing even more depth and versatility to an already impressively colorful palette.

Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali’s Un Chien Andalou (1929)

Artfulness, quirkiness, and creativity aside though, Killers Like Us is mostly a fierce and violent album that will appeal to fans of Big Black, Jesus Lizard, and other Amphetamine Reptile affiliates. Noise Rock with a capital R. Big noisy guitars, angular rhythmics, and brazen loudness. Check out the ecstatic chorus on When We Talk for further reference on where to look…Fuck.

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