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Crows- Beware Believers (2022 Bad Vibrations Records)

“Broken things let the light in”, and “I know that everything hurts, but I know that everything can heal”. Just two phrases from the new album Beware Believers by London dark post punkers Crows that show that no matter how dark, dense, and pounding these tunes may sound, there is actual light shining through the cracks of these leather vests.

Make no mistake, Crows so far have been the big brutish brother of bands like Fontaines DC and The Murder Capital, but slightly more goth. They still are a bunch of eyeliner wearing Donny Darkos, but on their second outlet Crows they have not shied away from writing some killer hooks into their heavy post punk dirges. This time around there might be an extra spoon of Interpol-ish songwriting to add to their modern post punk raucous.

And then there is the light at the end of the tunnel that they have written into their angry bitter music. It’s this glimmer of hope in songs like Healing and Room 156 that makes it perfect post pandemic music. It’s music made in a long dark tunnel, but it finally sees a way out in the end.

Can’t wait to celebrate the end of the tunnel with them on a stage nearby soon…

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