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Fabriccio de la Mora- Grand Unified Theories (2022, self-released)

I am late with this review. This album was already released in April this year and I did not have the time to write words about it. Do people ever have the time though? Or does time have us? And as we’re waxing philosophical anyways; does this music need to be put into words? Are you ever late writing words for music that does not really need words? And late in which time? Earth time? Space time? It’s all covered by Fabriccio De La Mora on his Grand Unified Theories, and it also is not, because this album is completely instrumental.

It is a Schrödinger’s Cat of an album that deals with physics through titles like Causal Fermion Systems, String Theory, and Loop Quantum Gravity, but not by writing intricate words, but by being inspired and writing intricate music about it. In my world of reading literature and listening to music and understanding absolutely nothing about quantum physics it is a beautiful and intriguing collection of instrumental kraut rock songs. It is kraut rock in the broadest sense; ranging from motorik stompers to spacey reverb noodlings and even Stooges-like garage rock with a shoegaze twist.

Every song has a certain lick or melody that is instantly recognizable which makes the album an extremely varied and comfortably listenable bunch of songs, especially considering it is instrumental. If you are even remotely into spacey kraut rock tunes it is highly recommended listening material, even if you are not Sheldon Cooper.


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