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Hooveriii- A Round Of Applause (2022, Reverberation Appreciation Society)

Oh sunny LA, city of sunglasses, surfing beaches, and fakin’ it til you make it. It is no surprise that Hooveriii (pronounce: Hoover three) reside there. The rays of sunshine radiate from AROA, and you can see them riding their bikes across the boulevard to band practice, sipping rum and cokes, and taking life easy. Their music sounds warm and sunny as well, carefree, joyful, and full of life’s energy. The tempo is up up up, and the melodies are abundant.

Stylistically the band find themselves on The Beatles‘ side of the psychedelic spectrum, always opting for melody and songs over getting high and cranking up the reverb. A British indie pop band like Supergrass comes to mind at times as well, in its fiercely energetic young dog songwriting and dramatic overtures. I enjoy it most when they allow themselves to jam more freely, and deliver a crisper and cleaner version of the King Gizzard weirdo wanderings we come to know and love so much. It is when they channel their energy to the max and their extremely high level of tightness and musical capability is allowed room to shine.

With Covid on the backburner and all the summer festivals blossoming at this time the timing of the release A Round Of Applause could not be better. You can see these American surf dudes arousing crowds and pushing venues to boiler temperatures as they share bills with contemporaries such as The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Franky And The Witch Fingers and Triptides. The world needs this type of uptempo psycho energy and then some. Be on the look out when they tour your local grog shop!


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