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Weirdo Shrine’s Halloween Stay Inside Party Pack

What, no trick or treat!? No dressing up?! No freaky shenanigans or zombie walks?! No way! Like pretty much every social event Halloween is pretty much cancelled allover the world, but that should not be a reason not to get into the holiday mood. Luckily there are a bunch of bands who take on the challenge of fixing Halloween in your very living room. Bands from all kinds of different genres from psych to garage and afrobeat stoner to mathcore and metal have delivered some pretty scary tunes to release this month, most of them even with a little something to watch as well! So without further ado: let’s bring on the Halloween Stay Inside Party Pack!

Death Valley Girls- I’d Rather Be Dreaming (2020 Suicide Squeeze Records)

First up in our haunted house is the magnificent Death Valley Girls and their single I’d Rather Be Dreaming. They have just released their fourth album Under The Spell Of Joy of which this is one of the quieter, more mysterious tracks. Up front in the mix is a very characteristic creepy crawly organ that makes it an excellent fit with our Halloween theme. Make sure you also check out the rest of the album, if only for the crazy amount of sexy saxophone that is on there! check it here.

Here Lies Man-I Told You (You Shall Die) (2021 Riding Easy Records)

After that tasty morsel, we are ready for something a little different; well we have come to the right address for that with the new single by Here Lies Man. They are ready to release their fourth album of their own special brand of afrobeat stoner, which is still complete and utterly unique and a very interesting listen indeed. I Told You (You Shall Die) also perfectly fits our Halloween theme, as it would be a perfect match for a terrible 70s horror flick! Keep on eye on these creeps here.

The Paranoyds- Pet Cemetery (2020 Suicide Squeeze Records)

Next in line another Suicide Squeeze band with a Halloween-sized single: LA’s The Paranoyds bring the Stephen King scariness on Pet Cemetery, which they will also release as a 7 inch vinyl on cool coke bottle vinyl. Soundwise it is a little different from their otherwise pretty cheerful 90s-inspired indie rock, being a little gloomier and campier in the lyrics department. Still great fun though, check it all out here.

Komodo- Zig Zag (2020 Komodo)

Our next stop is a band from The Netherlands called Komodo! Not unlike their fellow countrymen My Baby they are playing an exotic, danceable type of blues-y 60s rock that would be perfectly suited for a Halloween party. Just put on your monkey suit and shake your bananas on the beat! Zig Zag is not (yet) part of a bigger release. You can find the song on all digital platforms here.

Gong-Wah- I Hate You (2020 Tonzonen Records)

From The Netherlands it is only a short drive to Cologne, Germany where we meet up with Gong-Wah and their infectuous new fuzzpopping single I Hate You, which would be perfect to play loud at those annoying people that refuse you candy during trick or treating, or well, there really are plenty of people you could play it to these days, just pick one! Keep a look out for the new self-titled album out on the brilliant Tonzonen Records in November. Check out more of the band here.

Crayon Sun- Roaches (2020 Sacred Love Records)

We stay in Europe with Belgium’s Crayon Sun, a band led by Aldo Struyf who you might know from illustrous bands like Creature With The Atom Brain and The Mark Lanegan Band. Their new single Roaches is not that much different soundwise from some of Lanegan’s work actually, and singer Dave Renier also has a characteristic, gravelly vocal presence. The music is cinematic, mysterious and danceable. Quite perfect for our Halloween evening I would say! Check out more Crayon Sun here.

The Glasspack- Candy Apples and Razorblades EP (2020 FREE DOWNLOAD)

Next up is a special Halloween release by Kentucky southern stoner rock band The Glasspack who you might know from a couple of pretty cool releases on the Small Stone label. For the fall holidays they have recorded a set of Misfits songs that would turn any Halloween party into a raucous pumpkin-punch throwing debauchery. And it is also a free download overhere!

Blood From The Soul- Calcified Youth (2020 Deathwish Inc)

Something really special is next with Napalm Death’s Shane Embury’s sideproject Blood From The Soul. In the early nineties he already released an album with Sick Of It All singer Lou Koller on which both unleashed their combined industrial fury. For Embury’s second outing he asked Converge caged vocal monkey Jacob Bannon for an even gnarlier result. I am quite sure I will talk about the album more in the future, but for now check out the Killing Joke-like Calcified Youth, and make sure you don’t sleep on the release of the album on November 13!

Walt’s Frozen Head-Walt’s Frozen Head (2020 Learn Fear Records)

Bringing back the weeeiiird from Leeds, UK is Walt’s Frozen Head with an absolutely mental self-titled single. I really don’t know anything creepier for Halloween than Walt Disney’s frozen head, or it must be that the punch would be so extremely laced with LSD that the party turns into this video. Check out more about the band here.

Shadow Witch- Spearfinger (2020 Argonauta Records)

Another one right for the pumpkin season is this clip for Spearfinger by New York finest psychedelic stoner outfit Shadow Witch. Their album Under The Shadow Of A Witch came out right before the corona outbreak in February of this year, and we all know what that shitstorm meant for bands worldwide, so if you have some coins to spare,do not hesitate to order one of those scrumptuous looking brown vinyls directly from the band here.

Afterparty: Ghostlawns- Breaking Out (2020 Sub Records)

And that is all for our Stay Inside Halloween Party Pack! But no! Not yet! There is room for a little after party, isn’t there? Well, Ghostlawns straight out of Wales are here for the rescue. With an album called Motorik you might know what to expect, although the album itself has a lot more than just Kraftwerk-stylo beats on offer. The mellowed-out electronics combined with a real life drummer and shamanic Welsh-spoken lyrics are really something you should experience for yourself, Halloween hangover guaranteed! The album is out soon and can be purchased from the band here.