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Saturnia- Stranded In The Green (2021 Sulatron Records)

If you don’t listen too closely you might think Saturnia is an archetypical hippie band: lush Floydian influences, sitars, reverb blankets, the works. However, if you listen to the lyrics and truly understand what this Portugese entity is about you might find out he’s more punk than a lot of leather-clad spiky-haired people out there. Take Keep It Long, a manifesto about going against the grain: “don’t do as your told/never ever grow old”. Keeping it long, both your hair and your songs, is what Saturnia is all about, and they don’t give a damn what anybody thinks. That’s punk rock to me.

Musically the influences range from Syd-era Pink Floyd to Lazer Guided Melodies-era Spiritualized. Let’s just say there’s a lot of reverb drenched repetition on this album, a lot of sleepy laidbackness, and somehow still a level of urgency and steady confidence. It’s clearly an album launched by an artist who knows the ropes, has been there and done that, and makes music because he has to, not because he desperately needs you to listen to it. And yet, you do.

You’ll need Stranded In The Green because especially in these times you need someone to tell you to relax, trust yourself, and not get caught in the ratrace of the daily grind. I wouldn’t be able to find a better way of telling yourself this than immersing yourself in the green smoke clouds of Saturnia. Not because you need to not care, but because you should.

Stand your ground, put reality in perspective, chill out. Peace.


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