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Giöbia/The Cosmic Dead- The Intergalactic Connection-Exploring The Sideral Remote Hyperspace (2021 Heavy Psych Sounds)

Talking about a record that does exactly what it says on the tin: The Intergalactic Connection: Exploring the sideral remote hyperspace is exactly the super psychedelic trip into space and beyond it promises to be.

The two veteran bands, Giöbia from Italy and The Cosmic Dead from Scotland, complement each other quite brilliantly on this 38-minute wonderful little split record released by Heavy Psych Sounds. Giöbia contributes two new songs and a cover of Pink Floyd‘s Julia Dream, while The Cosmic Dead takes up the entire B-side with their 20 minute monster jam Crater Creator.

Giöbia is one of my favorite psych bands out there, playing a lush melodic style of psychedelic rock with influences from ancient folk music as well as early Pink Floyd and classic space rock. Their sound is heavy on the synths, and I love the way they interchange male and female vocals. It’s a very versatile sound that never bores and keeps me hungry for more (where’s that next full length!).


The Cosmic Dead on the other hand are by far the heavier of the two. Taking their time to let their jam Crater Creator warm up, they then embark on a sonic space journey full of distorted guitar wailing and intuitive psychedelic outbursts. You can hear the eardrums pop when imagining this band in a live setting. I find it a consolation that on this record I am the master of the volume and the captain of this sonic space ship.

The Cosmic Dead

This split album presents us with two completely different bands embarking on the same mission: to conquer space and to leave its listeners swirling and longing for more new tunes. Hopefully their black hole will be filled by Heavy Psych Sounds soon, but for now this brilliant split will do nicely.

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